e-Royal IMPEX

e-Royal IMPEX is an online customs clearing software that allows you to manage your customs clearing process on the move and from anywhere to give you complete flexibility. Timely & regular updates ensure e-Royal IMPEX is always updated. It also gives the flexibility of filing documents to any port from any location.

Access from Anywhere

e-Royal IMPEX being a web based application that allow users access from anywhere in the world, proving the flexibility of custom clearing and a bird’s eye view of the organization to the users on-the-move.

Customs Regulation Updates:
e-Royal IMPEX enables hassle free and uninterrupted operations as it is always updated with the latest customs regulation.


e-Royal IMPEX : e-Royal IMPEX helps to manage clearing and forwarding, and complete customs requirements with easy and speed, giving you complete assurance and peace of mind.

Web based customs clearing : An online system allows for customs clearing in India(ICEGATE) at anytime and from anywhere.
Filling to any port from any location : With e-Royal IMPEX you can file documents to any port from any location.

Always updated : Updated directories for customs Tariffs, Excise Tariffs, Notifications, Drawback, DEPB, Cess, RSP, Tariff Duty, Anti Dumping, Country, Currencies and Ports etc….

Job Status SMS Alert : Once shipping bill allotted from ICEGATE that will come into Software as well as sms alert / e-mail also.

Automatic Updations : Using our e-Royal IMPEX we may get the auto updation backup for exchange rate, DEPB Notifications.

Manpower Synchronization : Using this we can able to short the manpower. That is using this a single user can access their all branch software from their place onwards.

Anytime, Anywhere Access : Using this we can able to connect no.of systems. I mean we the persons to handle our product in an perfect manner.