e-Royal ICON

e-Royal ICON – Consol agents can file the manifest based on the pre-alert received from their agents. Using e-Royal ICON, we can file manifest before & after arrival of the flight / vessel. Using this, our user is able to fulfill all their business needs.


  • Generate check list for data verification before actual submission. This one is very useful for prevent the errors.
  • Read and automatic process all acknowledged & non-acknowledged messages received from ICEGATE.
  • User friendly dash board for easy navigating and reporting
  • Total shipping statement Airlines wise, Vessel Wise, Port Wise and Container Wise can be taken.
  • SMS / Mail alert to be sent to customers / agents.
  • Consol Manifest Entry for both Master Airway Bill Entry and House Airway Bill entry.
  • Online customer enquiry facility will be provided.
  • 24 x 7 live support will be given by us.
  • Any Time, Any Where, Any Way operation.

e – Royal ICON Product in a Nutshell:

  • e – Royal ICON having Air and Sea in a single roof.
  • Merged links are giving desired result.
  • SMS alerts should be incorporated.
  • In build high end security will be provided
  • Data will backup & data retrieval facility will be applicable.
  • As per the government norms notification will be send by e-newsletter format.
  • Online process having the links: Consol manifest & check list.
  • Consol Manifest having Master manifest, House Manifest.
  • Checklist – for manifest submission and verification Submission having Manual submission & Mail submission.
  • Using ICEGATE website we can submit the flat file manually.
  • Using mail submission we can able to send the flat file directly.
  • Automatic submission: the prepared flat file is sent to ICEGATE automatically.
  • Reports: Port wise report, In bound report should be generated.