e Royal SCM

The new SCMTR is a mandatory provision under the customs rule for filing IGM and EGM. This new regulation is implemented to give more visibility, transparencyand predictability of movement of cargo with an advanced collection of information through messages and notifications. The introduction of eRoyal SCM is a step forward to implement new SCMTR regulations as mandated by the customs department of India. There are several types of Manifest filing such as SAM, SDM, SEI, CSN, SDN, SAA and SDA under this rule which are supported by eRoyal SCM.

As per the SCMTR regulation, eRoyal SCM replaces all Manual filing with an electronic filing process. eRoyal SCM fast forwards clearing process through advance notification by vessels arriving in India and vessels departing from Indian ports. As per the new rule under SCMTR, Authorized Sea Carrier (ASC)/Authorized Sea Agent (ASA) shall submit an Arrival Manifest (CAM) electronically prior to departure from the last port of call to the Indian Port of call. Similarly, Departure Manifest (CDM) has to be filed electronically before departure from the Indian Port of call.

As per the new provision under the SCMTR, eRoyal SCM makes changes to the old system with the new system of Manifest filing such as Sea arrival Manifest in place of IGM, Sea Departure Manifest in place of EGM, eRoyal SCM has a host of reports as per the provisions of SCMTR for electronically filing documents online.