Royal EXIM

Royal EXIM, Air Freight Forwarders and IATA cargo agents can manage all aspects of the air cargo operations with ease and speed. Using our software, they are able to get all of their technical requirements. As their customers also experience the benefit of the streamlined operations, Royal Exim enables them to grow their business in the future.

Royal EXIM also helps Air Freight Forwarders and IATA cargo agents to enhance their business with maximum profit.

  • Supports in effective monitoring and management of revenue flows.
  • Ensures customer delight by efficiently handling consignments
  • Complies with all IATA requirements and is considered as an industry standard in Air Freight Management software.


Royal EXIM is specially marked to the needs of Air Freight Forwarding and IATA cargo agents with a number of features.

  • Takes care of both Export and Import air cargo shipments.
  • Manages consignment consolidation and generates manifest.
  • Generates House Airway Bills, Master Airway Bills and maintains Airway Bill stocks.
  • Maintains incentive registers and payment registers.
  • Can track every consignment until it reaches its final destination based on pre-defined milestones.
  • Generate reports like Airway Bill Register, Work Volume Register, Agent / Sub- Agent Report, Daily Airway Bill Report, CSR, etc.
  • Prepares consol manifest for filing with Indian customs through ICEGATE.
  • Generate profitability report.
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